Print Combine!
Organized by Mike Sonnichsen

Participants: Jennifer Clements, Laura Goodwin, Jill AnnieMargaret, Kristin Becker, Kevin Haas, Judith Baumann, Kimiko Miyoshi, Sarah Whorf, Gesine Janzen, Sukha Worob, Todd Christensen, Ashley Nason, Kateri Warnick, Reinaldo Gil, Shelby Hanson, Belle Wages, Justin Diggle, Sage Perrot, Kathy Puzey, Kathleen Stevenson, Ethan Coy, Matthew Rangel, BT Livermore, Karen B. Sawyer, Andrew Rice


The combine harvester, or simply “combine”, is a visible and vital part of the regional agricultural economy of the Palouse and elsewhere.  As printmakers, the verb “combine” might refer to combinations of technique, physical layers and materials, artists working collaboratively, combinations of text and visuals, and unexpected but fruitful intersections. The aim of this portfolio is to gather and display exemplary printed works that in some manner reflect your interpretation of the theme: “Print Combine!”



Celebration of Obsolescence

Organized by Margot Meyers

Participants: Ren Adams, Frol Boundin,Kristin Calhoun, Joshua Flores, Dionne Haroutunian, Christopher Hartshorne, Kimiko Mioshi, Margot B. Myers, Nick Naughton, Amy Porter, Galina Shevchenko, Rachel Singel, Chadwick Tolley, Lisa Turner, Summer Ventis


On March 19th, 2015 printmaking was officially pronounced dead after a long struggle with self-identity and recognition.  During an extensive panel discussion about “redefining printmaking”, the medium itself ceased to exist in accordance with contemporary aesthetic standards.  Printmaking was determined to have suffered an irreversible cessation of effective expression while assimilating into literally every facet of art making and furthermore broader culture.  Old tropes, hang-ups, and annoying diatribes will immediately be laid to rest.


A Celebration of Life Ceremony will take place at the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance on April 19-21, 2018. In lieu of flowers, please write any grievances related to process that you wish to see laid to rest.



CRAFT: Student Exchange Portfolio

Organized by Cassandra Schiffler


Participants: Emily Bartlett, Mauzay Dlamini, Michael Goward, Heather Green, Keegan Harris, Maycee Hatch, Derek Hawkins, Kat Lizarranga, Mekenzie Messick, Melanie Miller, Ashley Smith, Cassandra Schiffler


The exchange portfolio CRAFT was created by students enrolled in ART 315 – Introduction to Printmaking at The College of Idaho in Spring 2017. Students were asked to address the theme of “craft” and to reflect on what craft means, particularly in relation to printmaking. The portfolio includes 13 prints using various introductory printmaking methods (relief, intaglio, monotype, polyester plate lithography, collagraph).



Stitchers and Printers

Organized by Micah Zavacky

Participants: Dave Di Marchi + Grant Benoit, Patrick Mauk + Christina Pereyma, Micah Zavacky + Sarah Smelser, Annie Lee-Zimerle + Johann Zimerle, Shannon Grecula + Mary Foltz, Sarah Marshall + Francesca Baldarelli, L J Douglas + Melissa Johnson, Karen Kunc + Camille Hawbaker, Nick Satinover + Brittany Satinover, Danielle Rante + Andrea Myers


This portfolio aims to showcase the integration and collaboration between the stitched and printed mark. This portfolio exchange will represent 10 teams of artists, one stitcher and one printer, to create a suite of prints with hand-stitching or embroidery. The edition number will be 22: each participant will receive a completed portfolio exchange, the organizer will retain one completed portfolio for exhibition purposes, and an additional portfolio will be donated to the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance. 

All printmaking techniques are eligible (relief, intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, and monotype, for example) with the exception of digital archival prints. The aim of this exchange is to highlight the handmade mark through the act of sewing/embroidering and printing a matrix that has been created through direct, physical manipulation (carving, scribing, cutting). 

Akin to historical printmaking collaboration—image designer, plate-maker, printer, and publisher—each team will interpret the nature of their collaboration. For example, each team member may stitch and print or each member may have a specific, designated role. Printmakers are encouraged to recruit stitchers outside of the art community to create a dialogue between what is made in the studio and what is made at home. While this exchange does not call for an edition of prints, please insure the suite of prints has a consistent or reoccurring thread such as, subject matter, theme, color palette, and printmaking process/technique. 



Communities West

Organized by Sukah Worob & Andrew Rice

Participants: Marty Acevedo, Jill AnnieMargaret, David Bradway, Emily Browne, Erik Brunvand, Christa Carleton, Todd Christensen, Muriel Condon, Lewis Crawford, Melissa Dawn, Justin Diggle, Elizabeth Dove, Emily Dyer-Barker, Stefanie Dykes, Kasandra Gillaspie, Dane Goodwin, Theresa Haberkorn, Sanaz Haghani, Beth Hartpence, Mary Hood, Cara Jay, Tressa Jones, Anita Jung, Jeremy Kirchoff, Julia Klema, Karl Leclair, BT Livermore, Hilary Lorenz, Linda Lyke, Mitch Mantle, Abe McGowan, Nick Mendoza, Kimiko Miyoshi, Conor Mullen, Dakota Nanton, Stephanie Newman, Calli Nissen, Kathy Puzey, Matthew Rangel, Andrew Rice, Mark Ritchie, Miguel Angel Rivera, Jessica Robles, Melissa Schulenberg, Michael Sonnichsen, Maxx Stevens, Camilla Taylor, Graham (Kimberly) Thompson, Summer Ventis, David Williams, Eric Wilson, Julie Winters, Sukha Worob, Melanie Yazzie


Communities West III is the third iteration of a biennial exchange. The folio is co-curated by Sukha Worob and Andrew Rice. The folio was created with the intention of building community among printmakers living in, or with unyielding ties to the Western United States. For the 3rd iteration of the folio, participants from Communities West I and II were asked to invite other printers whom they felt would  be a good addition to the community, as such the work represented is rich and varied in technique and concept. The artists in the folio are as diverse as the work. The community is made up of veteran and emerging printers, academics and working artists.


Organized by Sukah Worob

Participants: Barry Roal Carlse, Melissa Dawn, Lena Ellis-Boatman, Douglas Bosley, Christa Carleton, Todd Christensen, April Dean, Leslie Friedman, Nicole Geary, Carey Good, Sanaz Haghani, Jon Irving, Karl Leclair, Gregory Martens, Abe Mccowan, Stephanie Newman, Matthew Presutti, Andrew Rice, Seth Roby, Melissa Schulenberg, Maxx Stevens, Shelley Thorstensen, Summer Ventis, Eric Wilson, Sukha Worob


“Cataclysm” is a response to the ebb and flow between angst and hope that many of us are experiencing both nationally and globally. We are emerging out of what was experienced by many as a time in American history defined by movement towards a brighter, more inclusive and at the very least more tolerant future. As we enter into a Trump administration the climate feels, once again, charged with the possibility of cataclysm. This portfolio is in no way unbiased. It is meant to be a platform for those of us that feel angst about the direction of our country. It is meant to stand in the face of darkness and acknowledge both our fears and give voice to our hopes as we tread into the weeks, months and years ahead.